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Arriana’s Daily Tarot ! Monday January 1st !!

Welcome to A’s Daily Tarot !! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Six of Cups, Today you are remembering the joys of the past, get in touch with old friends and family that you have been to busy to chat with. Pleasant memories flood your day as you remember your past days. Reflect on your favourite activities, as it is […]

Arriana’s Daily Tarot ! Sunday December 31st !

Welcome to A’s Daily Tarot !! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Wheel of Fortune The Wheel shows our past, present and future. All our experiences are the fabric of our lives, from which our actions come. Today we see the hand of fate as life goes forward. Changes are brewing these can bring positive benefits to life. You […]

Arriana’s Daily Tarot ! Saturday December 30th !!

Welcome to A’s Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knight of Cups Today is a day of actions, deliberate results occur from your actions, though not as quickly as you might like, the rewards are still positive. It is a great day for a new adventure or celebration, as you find happiness from all your past efforts. It […]

Arriana’s Daily Tarot ! Friday December 29th !!!

Welcome to A’s Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Six of Coins Today we see that your giving nature is in full force. You are often putting in 110% in your life, often this is not appreciated as it should be yet you are noticed and respected by those near you. Often rewards take time to catch up […]

Arriana’s Daily Tarot ! Thursday December 28th !!

Welcome to A’s Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knight of Swords Today is an aggressive day, be prepared to defend actions as you find others around you questioning your actions. It is important to stay on top of your emotions and stay confident as you could be forced to make quick decisions. Make your choices with confidence […]

Arriana’s Daily Tarot ! Wednesday December 27th !!

Welcome to A’s Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ace of Coins Today you can look forward to a positive career or financial day. This card shows that new beginnings can be yours, it is the perfect day to take that next step in your career plans, do not hold yourself back as truly you can attain your […]

Arriana’s Daily Tarot ! Tuesday December 26th !!

Welcome to A’s Daily Tarot !! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ten of Coins Today is a great financial day, look to windfalls or expected money to show up today! It is a day of reaping rewards, your past efforts are rewarded today as you have worked hard. Rewards will come from the most unexpected areas of your life, […]

Arriana’s Daily Tarot ! Monday December 25th !!

Welcome to A’s Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Seven of Cups, Today is a day of uncertainty. You find decisions difficult as you are putting your needs and wants in perspective. See the truths, not the dreams, as you must not hold on to false hope. Think with your best interests at heart, believe in yourself to […]

Arriana’s Daily Tarot ! Sunday December 24th !!

Welcome to A’s Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ten of Cups, Today you find yourself being appreciated in love and life. This is a day of true happiness and love. Look around to see the warmth of a valued and true loving environment; you are going down the path of true commitment to those near you. This […]

Arriana’s Daily Tarot ! Saturday December 23rd !!

Welcome to A’s Daily Tarot! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Chariot Today we are moving forward in life, but often to go forward there are difficult choices we must face. There are times you feel torn in two directions as our chariot is pulled by two different steeds in opposite directions. To go forward we must make hard […]