Morpheus and Isis checking out the disaster

Here is the two trying to figure out what happened to their home.. they are checking it all out and they seem very calm now but they have been confused the past two days..

MysticalCraft Arriana Devastating Fire

Images from the Devastating Fire.

Hi Everyone,

Thank you so much for your ongoing support and donations.

Here are some photographs of the fire that took everything from us. These were taken when we were woken from sleep after the first fire had damaged the kitchen and living room but we still had salvageable rooms to get things from.. but once this fire took over all was gone. I could feel the heat from the flames even this far back!


MysticalCraft Arriana

Devastating Fire Leaves Arriana and Her Family Homeless

Devastating Fire Leaves Arriana and Her Family Homeless click here to donate now…

Only 3 short days before Christmas, in the early hours of December 22nd, 2014,  a devastating fire took the home and all possessions of MysticalCraft Arriana and her family.

Arriana Needs your help today.

MysticalCraft Arriana and her family desperately need your help to rebuild their home and replace their possessions. Donations are being accepted on-line on her website as of today.

Thankfully, Arriana did not lose any of her pets, her cats and dogs were saved by the brave fire-fighters of her community. Arriana and her husband have lost all of their worldly possessions, including irreplaceable family heirlooms and photos. They were left only with the clothes on their backs.

Despite this personal tragedy, Arriana continues to be available during the busy holiday season to take your Tarot Card reading requests and fulfil her Keen Advisor roll as Keen’s highest rated Tarot Advisor.

We are asking for any donation from $5 and up, to help Arriana and her family get through this difficult time and begin to rebuild their lives. Your generous support is greatly appreciated.

Click here to donate now…

Love & Light ~ Webmaster ENBertussi