Tarot cards

I used to own many many decks of tarot cards.. after the first fire I grabbed my tarot bag and also my fav deck off my desk. The Dragon Tarot. They are smoke covered and smelling but they survived other then the top card had smoke damage ‎and in truth I won’t be able to use them but I did have the foresight to grab my tarot bag which had two decks in it that are not damaged. So I have some cards as well as I keep the tiny tarot in my purse. I will be buying a new deck soon once things get settled but I do miss my collection of decks. I had autographed decks. Discontinued decks, novelty decks you name it I had them as I loved collecting them. The different energies off them and in truth I really only read with two decks and the rest were for my enjoyment. Thoth deck gone.. dali deck gone.. deviant deck gone.. how sad hut we are all alive so that is a glad tiding.. the years I collected decks I will now start fresh hoping that maybe I can recover some at some point
. But this is part of the journey to a fresh start.. realising what is gone..

Shed we slept in… scorched but not fried

This is the shed we decided to sleep in after fire number 1 before fire number 2‎ and as you can tell it is scorched pretty bad since this photo is the back side and not the side against the house that went up on fire. It is a miracle and every time I see this photo or the house ones I am thankful for being alive
We slept in there due to the fact after the first fire we had salvageable rooms in the house and didn’t want people trying to steal what things we had left, after the second fire we had nothing but for some hours we had the fact it would not be starting from scratch to look forward to. ‎When we woke up, actually when we were awoken due to the shouts of others it was a nightmare as the house was engulfed and we were just right there beside it. I just wanted to share this photo of the shed with all.. thanks

Go Fund Me.. new page

‎I want to thank those who are helping us and a dear friend made this page to help us… we would appreciate everyone sharing this page with anyone you know as well as Facebook or Twitter.. we are trying to rebuild our lives and we thank all for any help you can offer, even a share to me is a blessing.
I will be updating the blog with some new posts today as well.. thanks in advance all love the Fox Family

Money is money isn’t it? Not always…

We had been saving our coin for the past year and we were just about to cash it in when the fire occurred.. ‎hubby has been digging for treasures amongst our destroyed life and found most of the coins… few issues.. much is melted together in clumps and other coins are just covered in debris. we took it to the bank and they said take it to the federal reserve. They were very nice at the reserve except they don’t actually handle money at the nashville reserve so we need to try to post it to them in PA!
So now we need to figure out how to separate what we can and the molten money we shall send and hope for the best.. we hope to get something back for it.. wish us luck!!!
We truly have found very little we can use.. but we haven’t given up! Thanks again for all those who have helped with good wishes, donations and food.. we are very thankful and feeling very blessed!!

Colts vs Titans..come on Colts!!!!

The day of the fire I had bought us Colts vs Titans tickets through a groupon deal.. so despite the rain. We shall sit here happily cheering on the Colts.. tho Tennessains have been good to us we still love our Colts! So I have a hot chocolate with Baileys and a rain poncho and hood… yeehaaa Colts.. my husband is a long time Colt fan.. so I hope everyone is having a Blessed day and know we are taking a moment or two for some fun. after every tragedy fun still lives!

Herakles and Diablo

The cats are doing well as for them who are both indoor cats they had quite ‎a shock being out in the truck and then taken out again.
Diablo has had a harder time adjusting as she is limping a wee bit but I feel it is from jumping on something. She is getting better and she is the one in the blue bed.. they share them and revolve between the two.. she is nearing twenty and a tough girl.. and I am spoiling her lots with the treats she likes.. and love of course!

Sleeping in? Not today!

‎This is our temporary bedroom and you can see from the photo the dogs have already taken over with their toys all over! It might not be much but truthfully it is dry and warm and we are happy with it. We will look into a bed this week upcoming as we still have some funds letter from the red cross, I must say they are a wonderful help!
We are rebuilding one step at a time, thanks all!

Pink Lamp for love

This pink lamp my husband had gotten me for Christmas as I had seen it at Cracker Barrel and he had it wrapped under the tree. The firemen after the first fire had brought out our presents so it was saved!!!! Since we are in a house now I put it out in the kitchen as we have no furniture yet and I do not want the dogs to bump into it while playing.
It is so beautiful to me knowing all it survived as well so it is a sign of love and life!

Donations coming in..overwhelming thanks to all!

I am truly overwhelmed by the kindness shown by those near us as donations have come in daily. It is so touching to see this kindness from others. Today we received a donation for 380 dollars anonymously. Also smaller ones which are greatly appreciated. I have had support from PEI to California as well as far away as Spain! Wild! But it reminds me just how many good folks are out there as I have always believed in good people being the majority not the minority. ‎It is often the naughty that get seen but this post is to say thank you to the majority which are kind and good people! I truly appreciate the donations and know we are putting it all together to build our future.. thank you all for your support!!!!!!

Lowes amazing generosity

Robert went into Lowes to look for a sifter to help him look through the debris of our home. They didn’t have one but they did ‎take the time to build him one! FREE! Wow they were amazing and I will attach a pic of it being made and it’s final look! But they were extremely kind to help with this as this can help Robert with finding more items and save him time going through things. What a great company!