Donations coming in..overwhelming thanks to all!

I am truly overwhelmed by the kindness shown by those near us as donations have come in daily. It is so touching to see this kindness from others. Today we received a donation for 380 dollars anonymously. Also smaller ones which are greatly appreciated. I have had support from PEI to California as well as far away as Spain! Wild! But it reminds me just how many good folks are out there as I have always believed in good people being the majority not the minority. ‎It is often the naughty that get seen but this post is to say thank you to the majority which are kind and good people! I truly appreciate the donations and know we are putting it all together to build our future.. thank you all for your support!!!!!!

Lowes amazing generosity

Robert went into Lowes to look for a sifter to help him look through the debris of our home. They didn’t have one but they did ‎take the time to build him one! FREE! Wow they were amazing and I will attach a pic of it being made and it’s final look! But they were extremely kind to help with this as this can help Robert with finding more items and save him time going through things. What a great company!

Life is amazing even when you don’t expect it to be

I have been overwhelmed of late with the kindness shown from people around us as truly donations as well as kindness from local merchants are overwhelming. Robert went to restock on pet food and we always shop at Pet smart as the people are nice and selection is perfect. He picked up food and two cat beds for DD and Herakles as they are staying at a home alone as we are rushing about. He was at the cash and the manager of the store came up to him and said one moment let me write this down what you have then said please take it free we feel bad for your fire and are just glad your all safe! That was
A hundred dollars worth of product!
I was at the Goodwill store picking up some shoes and shirts and my husband called me to share the news and I just started to cry as that was a wonderful and unexpected gesture as he never told them about it. It shows that people care and pay attention to life near them.
There have been more things I want to share but first I wanted‎ to let u all know the pets are well.. I will post a photo or two shortly as well. But the cats and poodles are all well and fed!

The house aftermath..

‎This is the back of the house.. you can see the stove that used to be in the kitchen.. it is truly making me speechless

Morpheus and Isis checking out the disaster

Here is the two trying to figure out what happened to their home.. they are checking it all out and they seem very calm now but they have been confused the past two days..

MysticalCraft Arriana Devastating Fire

Images from the Devastating Fire.

Hi Everyone,

Thank you so much for your ongoing support and donations.

Here are some photographs of the fire that took everything from us. These were taken when we were woken from sleep after the first fire had damaged the kitchen and living room but we still had salvageable rooms to get things from.. but once this fire took over all was gone. I could feel the heat from the flames even this far back!


MysticalCraft Arriana

Devastating Fire Leaves Arriana and Her Family Homeless

Devastating Fire Leaves Arriana and Her Family Homeless click here to donate now…

Only 3 short days before Christmas, in the early hours of December 22nd, 2014,  a devastating fire took the home and all possessions of MysticalCraft Arriana and her family.

Arriana Needs your help today.

MysticalCraft Arriana and her family desperately need your help to rebuild their home and replace their possessions. Donations are being accepted on-line on her website as of today.

Thankfully, Arriana did not lose any of her pets, her cats and dogs were saved by the brave fire-fighters of her community. Arriana and her husband have lost all of their worldly possessions, including irreplaceable family heirlooms and photos. They were left only with the clothes on their backs.

Despite this personal tragedy, Arriana continues to be available during the busy holiday season to take your Tarot Card reading requests and fulfil her Keen Advisor roll as Keen’s highest rated Tarot Advisor.

We are asking for any donation from $5 and up, to help Arriana and her family get through this difficult time and begin to rebuild their lives. Your generous support is greatly appreciated.

Click here to donate now…

Love & Light ~ Webmaster ENBertussi


Cleaning cards

Cleaning cards

   Tarot cards can become well worn and used after we get used to the cards and start to shuffle and handle them a lot. It is important to take care of your decks to make them last longer as you become attached to your cards after you have grown close to them. I can not bring myself to throw out old decks especially the first deck that I ever had and have since turned that deck in what I call Tarot art, framing the cards and hanging the “art” in my living room. To help maintain the healthy state of your cards you should make sure that you keep them in a safe place when not in use. I keep the original boxes for all my decks and when a deck is not in use I leave it in the box to make certain all the cards remain together. The active deck is one that you can wrap in a cloth or keep in a pouch to keep them together when not being used. You can if you choose purchase a special box or bag to hold your deck and often people will make a tarot to go bag or box, with a deck, a cloth to place on surfaces to allow a clean reading surface, candles for atmosphere and incense if the reader finds it relaxing. As well business cards and any other lucky charms or notepads for jotting tarot notes to help the customer remember the reading; this helps a person have all the reading tools handy in case of the need to go out to offer readings for friends or family.

After time the cards can build up a greasy feeling or stick together as they start to get worn, to clean these use talcum powder, unscented to pick up the oils from the cards that they get from all the handling that occurs. There are many schools of thought in regards to allowing others to handle your cards. This is a personal choice, but my feelings are that the cards are the tools that direct our energies, so what better way to get a good reading from others then to have your querient shuffle the cards themselves; thus allowing there energies on the cards. I personally do one shuffle after they hand me back the cards to just add my signature back on the cards. This is your choice as they are your cards, but remember the cards are not the magic, you are.

Finding the right deck for you is personal choice, most people who choose to continue there studies of the tarot will find that they start to collect more then one deck. I have over 40 decks that have caught my eye over the years and I am certain that my collection will continue to grow still. Look over the art work on the decks that you see, look to what connects to you, and try to hold them in your hand to see what type of feel that you get from them. If you are buying online you can not hold them, but reflect on the pictures that are available to see what calls to you. There is no right nor wrong deck for any person, the deck you choose a personal choice and one that you should feel right with, one that feels like you.

The most important aspect is that you should feel comfortable with your cards and that you should enjoy the art of tarot reading. Happy readings!!

Lesson TWO


Tarot Lesson 2



Last lesson we took to just get comfortable with the cards, now we are going to get down to work and start learning more cards as you are getting more at ease with the cards.

The Tarot should not be scary to you, it is important to respect the cards as they help guide our energies to see the mysteries that there are, but they should also feel like an old friend who we reach to for comfort as well as fun.

We will use this lesson to start on the Major Arcana, which are the numbered cards starting with zero, which is the fool card and going to number 21 the World card. There are 22 major cards and they are known as majors as the impact of the cards tends to be more significant in our life when these cards appear in your spread. They reflect that the events seen in these cards are occurring now or in the very near future.

The Fool card is not numbered which is why it is the zero card as it starts the tarot, get your deck and separate the Majors so that you can study them better and so that they can be seen in order. Look at each card and take a minute to just study each card well. See how they follow each other and how they unfold as a story. Many believe that originally the tarot was only the Majors cards and that as time went on the popular playing cards evolved into the minor and court cards for the tarot.

The majors are as follows:
0 The Fool
1 The Magician card
2 The High Priestess
3 The Empress
4 The Emperor
5 The Hierophant
6 The Lovers
7 The Chariot
8 Justice
9 The Hermit
10 The Wheel of Fortune
11 Strength
12 The Hanged Man
13 Death
14 Temperance
15 The Devil
16 The Tower
17 The Star
18 The Moon
19 The Sun
20 Judgment
21 The World

Some modern decks will change the order of the Justice and Strength cards as well as Temperance and Judgment cards, that is not as important as learning the cards as they mean to you. As you find that the decks do change the order see how it affects your perception of the cards.

For our lesson, take the first the cards numbered from 0 to 6 and read and study each card, see the various meanings for these cards and then write at least a paragraph about each card. Compare what you see within the cards to the meanings that the booklet that came with your cards to see how closely your feelings match the meanings. See how they flow from each other to tell the story behind the tarot and look at how they apply to everyday life as well. The tarot is timeless and though the age of this form of divination is uncertain, they still remain as accurate as when this was first divined. Keep the meanings and your insights in your journal together with the first lessons insights to use later as we will be putting the cards together to learn and watch the flow of their energy. Just follow the cards energy to see what flows from within you, trust your instinct in regards to what you feel from the cards.

Lesson ONE

Lesson one


Learning the tarot takes time and patience as you must learn not just what a card means but what it says to you as well. Take time to look through your deck to see if you have a favourite card, base it not on the meanings but the appearance and energy of the card. Just take a bit of time to look through the deck and pick out your favourite card. After you have done this, you must first take note of what made this card your favourite one as well as to decide if it is the symbolism or just the artwork that this card has. If you have more then one deck, check out the same card in the other deck tat you have and see if you have the same affection for this card as well. After you decide what it is that you like about the card, take out the booklet that came with the deck to see the meaning of the card. Compare your notes on this card and the booklets meaning to reflect on what that card means to you. Often you will find that the card you choose as your favourite describes an aspect of you or a lesson that you need to learn that you are avoiding.

For the first lesson you need to get comfortable with the cards, choose ten cards out of the deck, either just deal ten or do then in order it is your choice, after you reflect on the deck and choose the ten cards that you want to start with make yourself comfortable and make notes as you did with your favourite card. Notice the art and the symbolism of the cards; do not look at the booklet until you make notes on all ten cards. Once you have finished making notes, take out the booklet and see what instinct and appearance say about the cards as opposed to the booklet.

Take the next week to just get used to your cards, shuffle them and get used to the size and feel of them, do not be afraid of them as they will soon become and old friend. Some say to sleep with them under your pillow in either a case or box or wrapped in a cloth. You can do what feels right to you in order to be comfortable with them, make then part of you as you just take this first lesson to get comfortable with the cards themselves. A few ideas as you start this lesson is to make a file on your computer, or grab a notebook to keep ideas and insights in. this way as you go through the lessons you have your old notes to refer to and to use for added insights.

Keep your notes as you progress in your lessons you can see how much more the cards reveal to you as you grow closer to them.