The Good with the Bad

ahhh in life we must take the good with the bad as that is balance and that is important in life as without the ups and downs in truth life would be boring….. now you do not need extremes in your life to have ups and downs but all aspects in life matter… today we woke up to the bad … Read More

Arriana’s Daily Tarot ! Tuesday January 6th ! Back on track !

Arriana’s Daily Tarot ! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Page of Swords Today we have a great day for things to fall into place as the news we have been waiting for can come in finally ! this card shows that you will see that by listening closely we can learn what is important and get news that we need to hear today ! … Read More

New tarot deck arrived!

Well yesterday was not just the day between my birthday and wedding anniversary it was also the day my new Tarot ‎deck arrived..woohoooo. I have always used the Dragon Tarot deck despite the fact I had a huge deck collection that is now gone. This is my go to deck the one I feel comfortable using for all reads. The … Read More

So what first?

‎My husband and I have been checking out the thrift stores etc looking for things.. all things.. we have seen some nice things..some practical things.. some frivolous things.. I have bought some clothes of course and a few pieces that my husband says “yes that’s you” usually meaning loud..bright or just unique ha ha.. But where to start when you … Read More

Where did it go?

So today I am 50 years old! And have just what is important to me the ones I love‎.. hut the title of this post is not about time passing but instead our tailgate!! It fell off yesterday and despite retracing our steps it is gone. We lost that a dolly and an army cot as that was some of … Read More

Tarot cards

‎ I used to own many many decks of tarot cards.. after the first fire I grabbed my tarot bag and also my fav deck off my desk. The Dragon Tarot. They are smoke covered and smelling but they survived other then the top card had smoke damage ‎and in truth I won’t be able to use them but I … Read More

Shed we slept in… scorched but not fried

‎ This is the shed we decided to sleep in after fire number 1 before fire number 2‎ and as you can tell it is scorched pretty bad since this photo is the back side and not the side against the house that went up on fire. It is a miracle and every time I see this photo or the … Read More

Go Fund Me.. new page

‎ ‎I want to thank those who are helping us and a dear friend made this page to help us… we would appreciate everyone sharing this page with anyone you know as well as Facebook or Twitter.. we are trying to rebuild our lives and we thank all for any help you can offer, even a share to me is … Read More

Money is money isn’t it? Not always…

We had been saving our coin for the past year and we were just about to cash it in when the fire occurred.. ‎hubby has been digging for treasures amongst our destroyed life and found most of the coins… few issues.. much is melted together in clumps and other coins are just covered in debris. we took it to the … Read More

Colts vs Titans..come on Colts!!!!

‎ The day of the fire I had bought us Colts vs Titans tickets through a groupon deal.. so despite the rain. We shall sit here happily cheering on the Colts.. tho Tennessains have been good to us we still love our Colts! So I have a hot chocolate with Baileys and a rain poncho and hood… yeehaaa Colts.. my … Read More