Lesson ONE

Lesson one


Learning the tarot takes time and patience as you must learn not just what a card means but what it says to you as well. Take time to look through your deck to see if you have a favourite card, base it not on the meanings but the appearance and energy of the card. Just take a bit of time to look through the deck and pick out your favourite card. After you have done this, you must first take note of what made this card your favourite one as well as to decide if it is the symbolism or just the artwork that this card has. If you have more then one deck, check out the same card in the other deck tat you have and see if you have the same affection for this card as well. After you decide what it is that you like about the card, take out the booklet that came with the deck to see the meaning of the card. Compare your notes on this card and the booklets meaning to reflect on what that card means to you. Often you will find that the card you choose as your favourite describes an aspect of you or a lesson that you need to learn that you are avoiding.

For the first lesson you need to get comfortable with the cards, choose ten cards out of the deck, either just deal ten or do then in order it is your choice, after you reflect on the deck and choose the ten cards that you want to start with make yourself comfortable and make notes as you did with your favourite card. Notice the art and the symbolism of the cards; do not look at the booklet until you make notes on all ten cards. Once you have finished making notes, take out the booklet and see what instinct and appearance say about the cards as opposed to the booklet.

Take the next week to just get used to your cards, shuffle them and get used to the size and feel of them, do not be afraid of them as they will soon become and old friend. Some say to sleep with them under your pillow in either a case or box or wrapped in a cloth. You can do what feels right to you in order to be comfortable with them, make then part of you as you just take this first lesson to get comfortable with the cards themselves. A few ideas as you start this lesson is to make a file on your computer, or grab a notebook to keep ideas and insights in. this way as you go through the lessons you have your old notes to refer to and to use for added insights.

Keep your notes as you progress in your lessons you can see how much more the cards reveal to you as you grow closer to them.