The Tarot is an interesting adventure to take, a journey of self-exploration that brings you to where you are now, and helps guide you towards a better future.

Tarot decks can differ significantly from one another, and every reader will have a favourite deck as well as a reason for why that particular deck works best for them. However, all decks are essentially the same thing, as they all take us on a journey of exploration, revealing what is within us and helping us make the right choices.

A reading should never scare you, as the cards are simply meant to guide and assist in your decision-making process. They are not a tool to frighten someone, as the advice they offer is meant to help you find the right path for the future.

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The Tarot is meant to be read as a story...

and how the story begins depends on which cards come up. For example, the Fool card is the start, as he is void of knowledge and open to learning what is ahead. As you follow the fool card, you grow and learn more about the journey of life.

You should never jump ahead of the cards, or only listen to part of the advice from them. Often when we skip an important aspect, we miss the lesson that life is treating us to. You will likely end up wondering why the cards were "wrong", when in reality, they may have been correct, but you chose a different path than the one that was offered.

Tarot should not be simply blindly followed, as you need to properly reflect on their words, so that you may put them into action in a way that works best for you. Do not attempt to put words into the cards that are not there, as the cards are there to tell you what you NEED to know, and not what you WANT to hear. Remember that you cannot try to twist the cards without a negative outcome.

The Tarot offers a truly grand adventure, so prepare for a learning lesson. So listen to the advice offered, and remember that life is fun when you let it be...

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