Prydwen’s Anchor Tarot spread

This spread came to me through an acquaintance who follows a Norse pagan path, the anchor is a symbol of being able to hold ourselves down in a spot to sort out life around us and to take stock of what is going on within our specific time frame. The layout is a ten card spread and I will put in a diagram of the card positioning at the end of this article.


 You use the entire deck for this spread and shuffle the cards as you normally do for a reading.


 The first card drawn represents the General Circumstances prevailing in our life at this time. This reflects what the cards are bringing to the surface in this spread. This is an important card as it sets the stage for the reading.


 The second card drawn represents what the current direction that you are heading in; this shows what the next phase from the first card will bring as you are reading that situation. This shows the actions that you are taking at this time.


 The third card drawn represents how the free flow of life is being blocked, this assess the troubles and obstacles that are present at this time which need to be addressed to be able to move forward in a positive motion.


 The fourth card drawn represents what opportunities are currently available to you that you can use to change this situation for your best interests. This points out what often you can miss as you are too close to this situation. 


The fifth card drawn represents the home and family factors that can affect this situation and help or hinder you in
attaining a positive outcome. This can bring to light any situational aspect that can help shed light on your situation. 


The sixth card drawn represents job or vocational aspects that can affect this situation and this can help you decide
the direction that you must take for the best results for your situation. 


The seventh card drawn represents relationship factors that affect this situation as well; this shows how your challenges can affect those closest to you as well as how they affect your outcome. 


The eighth card drawn represents what you should become self aware of to help yourself attain the results that are best for you, this reflects what traits of yours are hindering or helping this situation and this makes you see that you need to change to help this situation. 


The ninth card drawn represents the past and how that still lingers in your life to affect the decisions that you are making in the present. The past does affect our present if we have not resolved things as well as influences our
present and our decisions. 


The tenth card drawn represents the future and possible outcome for this particular situation and reflects the most probable outcome with the actions that are seen within these cards. This is the outcome that springs from this situation as it is now. 


This is a situational spread which allows you to assess a current situation in your life which is important and needs your direct attention. The placement of the cards are as follows.



3     2       4
5 7
6 8