Life is amazing even when you don’t expect it to be

I have been overwhelmed of late with the kindness shown from people around us as truly donations as well as kindness from local merchants are overwhelming. Robert went to restock on pet food and we always shop at Pet smart as the people are nice and selection is perfect. He picked up food and two cat beds for DD and Herakles as they are staying at a home alone as we are rushing about. He was at the cash and the manager of the store came up to him and said one moment let me write this down what you have then said please take it free we feel bad for your fire and are just glad your all safe! That was
A hundred dollars worth of product!
I was at the Goodwill store picking up some shoes and shirts and my husband called me to share the news and I just started to cry as that was a wonderful and unexpected gesture as he never told them about it. It shows that people care and pay attention to life near them.
There have been more things I want to share but first I wanted‎ to let u all know the pets are well.. I will post a photo or two shortly as well. But the cats and poodles are all well and fed!