Money is money isn’t it? Not always…

We had been saving our coin for the past year and we were just about to cash it in when the fire occurred.. ‎hubby has been digging for treasures amongst our destroyed life and found most of the coins… few issues.. much is melted together in clumps and other coins are just covered in debris. we took it to the bank and they said take it to the federal reserve. They were very nice at the reserve except they don’t actually handle money at the nashville reserve so we need to try to post it to them in PA!
So now we need to figure out how to separate what we can and the molten money we shall send and hope for the best.. we hope to get something back for it.. wish us luck!!!
We truly have found very little we can use.. but we haven’t given up! Thanks again for all those who have helped with good wishes, donations and food.. we are very thankful and feeling very blessed!!