Shed we slept in… scorched but not fried

This is the shed we decided to sleep in after fire number 1 before fire number 2‎ and as you can tell it is scorched pretty bad since this photo is the back side and not the side against the house that went up on fire. It is a miracle and every time I see this photo or the house ones I am thankful for being alive
We slept in there due to the fact after the first fire we had salvageable rooms in the house and didn’t want people trying to steal what things we had left, after the second fire we had nothing but for some hours we had the fact it would not be starting from scratch to look forward to. ‎When we woke up, actually when we were awoken due to the shouts of others it was a nightmare as the house was engulfed and we were just right there beside it. I just wanted to share this photo of the shed with all.. thanks