So what first?

‎My husband and I have been checking out the thrift stores etc looking for things.. all things.. we have seen some nice things..some practical things.. some frivolous things.. I have bought some clothes of course and a few pieces that my husband says “yes that’s you” usually meaning loud..bright or just unique ha ha..
But where to start when you lose all? What do you buy first? A bed? A TV? Cooking and kitchen stuff? It seems overwhelming where to start let along what steps to take next.. it is hard to believe as I sit here on my 50th birthday and look around and say so what to get? Shoes and clothes are all easy ones to say yuppers to! But they are not practical as I have no hangers to hang them YET!
I tend to feel I am whining when I complain or feel blue ( and I am not talking about my hair) but it is very overwhelming to be here in this spot. I listen to some tunes as we did have a stereo in the shed and music on my phone I can play and I have Isis trying to get my attention ‎by putting her head in my lap and I remember what is important, we are all here and alive. We do thanks to our amazing landlords have a roof over our heads, we have some cookery stuff due to red cross as well as some donations as well. We have a TV and cable coming in a few days, so know I am thankful but it does bring the blues at times.
So I shall colour my hair the nicest magenta, fuschia and blue with purple bits ‎and later on out something on that is “me” and suck it up and just enjoy that I am here for my birthday and not crisper then fired chicken due to the fire
Thanks for listening..


and here is Herakles a reason to be thankful