New tarot deck arrived!

Well yesterday was not just the day between my birthday and wedding anniversary it was also the day my new Tarot ‎deck arrived..woohoooo. I have always used the Dragon Tarot deck despite the fact I had a huge deck collection that is now gone. This is my go to deck the one I feel comfortable using for all reads. The night of the fire between fire number one and fire number two I had grabbed my dragon tarot as I saw it sitting on my desk and it was smoke damaged and the top few cards a tad discoloured from the smoke but I grabbed it as I didn’t want it in that smokey place. My tarot bag and the couple of decks I had in it were also saved. I have not been able to use the dragon deck due to the strong smell of smoke on them, but I also will not throw them out instead they will be a reminder of what happened that night and how a few items were saved even though they are not usable.
I ordered this deck and it arrived promptly, yeehaa prime shipping but we went to the old place to get it from the post box and it was raining lots so the envelope had gotten a tad wet yet the deck was safe! ‎So we shall start daily tarot up again and show that fire that tarot will survive all!
This is a bright spot having my fav deck back in action… smile lots today as I will be..