The Good with the Bad

ahhh in life we must take the good with the bad as that is balance and that is important in life as without the ups and
downs in truth life would be boring….. now you do not need extremes in your life to have ups and downs but all
aspects in life matter… today we woke up to the bad first.. we had a flat tire.. UGH .. luckily we have a spare and
despite the cold weather my dear hubby Robert was able to change it ! yeehaa to husband ! we now need to get a new
spare and do it fast in case we have another flat.. and the good parts were that no one was hurt and it wasnt in traffic
or anything severe… so that is good as well.. but the balance to that was that my husband had called his church that
he attends and they did have some food donations for him so to help us restock the pantry ! I have included a photo
of both the good and the bad from today… it was very cold out so I didn’t get the flat on the truck instead that was
after he fixed it and it was under the garage LOL where it was warmer !! I had asked him to get the pic before he changed it but he pointed out it was super cold…
but the food coming in was a lovely blessing… as all the canned goods were items we like and use.. which is so cool
as often you get items that you do not like nor use but the entire box held items we use often !! so wow ! see even on a bad day a good blessing comes through if you have faith…
so I am thankful also my husband is able to change tires as dang that truck is big and the tires are heavy !

the Fox Family fire fund ! Help us restore our lives !!

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