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Hi Folks,

This Week we have a Solar Eclipse in the Sign of Scorpio at 2 Degrees joined with Venus on 10/25.

This week the New Moon Solar Eclipse will occur on 10/25 and we have been feeling the build up of this Eclipse Energy already. The Lunar Eclipse in Taurus will follow on 11/8 as Eclispes occur in Pairs.

This New Moon Solar Eclipse will be bringing in New Beginnings for us all and due to the fact that it is a Solar Eclipse of the South Node which rules what we are releasing and moving away from chances are something will be eclipsed out of your life in order for that New Beginning to emerge!

The Solar Eclipse will be joined by Venus also in Scorpio and this energy is one which can definitely bring in New Beginnings in the Realms of Love and Finances. Remember again this is an Eclipse Ruled to the transiting South Node denoting releasing and letting go of something in order for something New to come in!

This is a time to allow for these changes to occur and trust that what is happening will ultimately be blessed and bring you to a happier and more fulfilling place in your life. Whatever is being released now can feel challenging and difficult so the way forward again is to surrender control and allow the Universe to do it’s Magic!

Scorpion Energy is one of profound transformation which is not easy but when we do go through these intense times of death and rebrith we always emerge purified and ready for something new and better. This allows us to evolve and grow spiritually.

This week we have Saturn stationing in the sky and turning Retrograde at 18 Degrees of Aquarius on 10/23. With strong Saturnian Energy upon us we will be seeing our Reality Clearly. We can now embrace what is in front of us and in this way take responsibility for our happiness and the changes we are willing to make to bring a better life for ourselves. Saturn allows us to be practical, disciplined and mature.

On 10/28 Jupiter now retrograding will go back into Pices where Jupiter will remain through 12/20/2022 when Jupiter moves once again back into Aires where it will stay for one year. Jupiter in Pices is an energy of Faith, Optimism, Luck, Trust and Spirituality. We can tap into this lovely Jupiterian energy for help with the changes destined into our lives during this Eclipse Season and allow for Release where necessary.

On 10/26 Mecury in Libra trines Mars in Gemini at 25 Degrees and we will be feeling quite social and communicative. This is a good time to engage with others for some fun conversation or possibly meet someone new.

On 10/27 Mercury in Libra will square Pluto in Capricorn at 26 Degrees and this aspect is one which can bring with it power struggles and difficulties so take care in your communications and don’t get into drama with those who are controlling or manipulative. This energy can be good for research projects.

On 10/29 Mercury moves into Scorpio joining both the Sun and Venus now in Scorpio. As we move now into Scorpio Season we are feeling the energy shift from the more social intellectual energy of Libra to the deep feeling and intense emotional energy of Scorpio!

Have a pleasant week. Self Care, Self Love and Compassion are the way to go this week as we move through Eclipse Season.

Warm Wishes, Mystic9

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