Arriana’s Daily Tarot ! Saturday January 10th !

Welcome to A’s Daily Tarot ! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Seven of Wands Today is the day to deal with your responsibilities head on as you will find that you can overcome anything you set your mind to with just using reason and common sense. This is a good day to make things happen and to find that you are able to … Read More

Arriana’s Daily Tarot ! Friday January 9th !

Welcome to A’s Daily Tarot ! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ the Six of Cups ~~~~~~~ Today brings fun as this card reminds you that you can make all your tasks into something fun by your attitide ! Make a point today of just having some moments to have fun as this shows us that you will find that there is a reason to … Read More

Arriana’s Daily Tarot ! Thursday January 8th !

Welcome to A’s Daily Tarot ! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Page of Cups reflects that you will find today that you can make some fun happen no matter what other responsibilities need your attention. today we find that it is important to try to make the best of what is around us and find smiles amongst the day. You can be sure … Read More

Arriana’s Daily Tarot ! Wednesday January 7th !

Welcome to Arriana’s Daily Tarot ! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Ten of Wands Be cautious today as there can be many challenges today that can bring stress to you but by staying focused on your goals you can get through them today. this reminds you to plan ahead when you have many tasks and make an organized list to best be able … Read More

Arriana’s Daily Tarot ! Tuesday January 6th ! Back on track !

Arriana’s Daily Tarot ! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Page of Swords Today we have a great day for things to fall into place as the news we have been waiting for can come in finally ! this card shows that you will see that by listening closely we can learn what is important and get news that we need to hear today ! … Read More