How to stay positive when life makes it hard?

Well I have to say today was just a frustrating day .. we have been doing our best to stay positive and to look to the
bright side but after my husband came back from the burnt house I was very upset as he told me someone had tried to
steal yet another item from there and this time they broke it and left it there.. we had one of those clay stoves on a
metal frame that we would burn stuff in to keep warm and just enjoy the evenings with, it was placed right beside the
shed which has a patio area so we could sit near it. My husband goes there daily to check the mail and when weather
permits he is going through the remains and cleaning it up as well. so we are there daily making our presence known
yet today this was broken on the side of the yard by the lil hill that goes towards the business that is next door. the
nerve of them tho is they actually dumped out the pebbles and char that was in it right where we had it and then tried
to bring it up the hill. they didn’t even take it out of the stand as it seems they tried to shift it back and forth to move it.
I guess that when I see a house been burnt down I do not look at it and think what shall I steal from it and I have to
wonder seriously what type of person does that? obviously not the ones who read the updates as truly any one here is
one of the kind hearted people who have been great to us BUT truly come on hit a person when they are down or what???
I have posted a photo of it broken.. and of the what was dumped out.. man oh man I am losing faith in many humans around this time..
I know that there are many good souls out there but it makes it hard to have faith when things like this occur. Why we
left it there was due to the fact my husband used to when he was there cleaning to keep warm as it has been chilly here in Tennessee of late.
We have posted a NO Trespassing sign but no one seems to notice it.. i have to say that I am disappointed today in
people NOT the ones here as truly we are blessed to have good people helping us but I wanted to share this to show why we need good people !

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