Photos from the past ! Updates !

Well the last update was pretty bad as it spoke of yet another loss but this is a nicer one… you will see in the photos I
attached that there is a photo of a young girl.. this is my niece.. she is adorable isn’t she? well she is now way way
way way way older ( weird how she ages but not me eh? ) but when walking around the debris I found this photo
among all the charred things, it is still usable and you can see the writing on the back where my sister had written.
there is also my one of a kind original necklace that I adored and it might even be salvageable which is great.. I have
to work on it and will but it is here with me and not in the pile of what was once our lives.
the fact we found these two items makes me smile as well now all can see my niece as a baby and I have that still..
every year my sister would take a photo and send it out to all, I used to have a frame with each years photos behind
the new ones as I saved them all.. I am sure many do this..this was one of the back ones but it survived and for that I am pleased.
the shock is truly hitting us and it is hard to stay positive but this helps !!! little things matter when dealing with
overwhelming tragedy so this brightened my day when so much has darkened it.. I will keep you updated on the necklace !

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