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The Wheel of Fortune

Today we are reminded to reflect on our path as the Wheel looks at the past and present which brings us to the future, our
pasts do lay a foundation for us to move forth on. It can be good or bad it is just a past as the future is what is ahead of us
and that is where we must take the life lessons and shape our future.
Do not allow the past to drag you back as it can not be changed and the present is where we can experiment to see what
direction is the best for us as we use the past to learn from and the future to grow to.
Enjoy right now as these experiences can not be repeated and sometimes that is good but not always but one fact is
certain is that you can make choices that bring you to a new and better place using experience to guide you.
Adventure is afoot today so just explore options and enjoy what you have built, even if you are still in a mode of growth
as you will find you can be where you want by patience and faith.. Blessings Arriana

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