Arriana’s Daily Tarot ! Monday September 7th !!

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The High Priestess

Today we are reminded to trust our instincts and that unknown energy around us that tends to offer gentle guidance
such as sign or something that nudges us to remind us to pay attention ! Energy is within us and all around us but we
tend to get too busy in life to pay attention, well today is the day to stop and listen to all that is around and within
you to bring you where you need to be as that will help you when in doubt or stress !
How often has your instinct told you to do something that you ignored? only to learn later that by listening you
would have been saved from something unpleasant, well today we are reminded to tune into that energy for our best
interests. Take time today to slow down and pay attention, it will benefit you in the long run ! Blessings Arriana

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