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The Three of Swords

Today is a day to be thankful but also a day to be aware that it is also a day that brings many emotions to the table, we
miss those who have passed as well those far away. Some of us are alone by choice and others not, just know that
whatever your situation there are always reasons to be thankful and take a moment today to look upon those reasons.
Misunderstandings can bring upsets to all, look past the hurts to see the heart of the matter and know that it is important
to just let the hurt slide away to let in the love that can be had if we let it in.
Speak your words carefully today as those “truths” you think you are speaking can bring hurt to those near and dear as
well as hurt those far away as well. Speak from your heart and speak clearly today as that is what matters, be cautious
and know that it is more important to be kind then to be hurtful. Blessings Arriana

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