Arriana’s Daily Tarot ! Friday May 20th !!

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The Chariot card

Today we are reminded how often we need to cross the path with others then reconnect later on in life as we all have
our life path and we are often not meant to be just on a straight road as twists and turns are what can keep us focused
and alert for the adventures life offers. We can find new opportunities by just staying alert to the changes around us and
the new doorways that open often around us as we all travel on different paths yet life keeps us connected by having the
paths interweave with each other so we can learn and grow from what we see around us and learn from others. SO take
time today to see how your path touches others, learn and grow from those near you and see what you can learn
without having to fear change as first you can just watch it. Blessings Arriana

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