Arriana’s Daily Tarot ! Monday May 30th !!

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The Knight of Cups

Today you should take some time to just be true to your own happiness as you will find that by making time for yourself
today you will see that you are able to have a better week ahead. Find your own zen today and use your time to bring
comfort to your soul and mind as there is much to be enjoyed within your heart. Comforts within ourselves can be
anything that is personal to us so use some time today to find your inner core and nurture it, then look around and you
can see the world a tad differently today. Blessings Arriana

Today being Memorial Day in the US I would like to thank the soldiers and their families for all the sacrifices they made
for all of us every day! Know that you are appreciated and respected and without your actions our world would be a
harsher reality ! I salute all those who have fought or died for our lives to be free, thank you to all !

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