Arriana’s Daily Tarot ! Saturday October 21st !!

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The Sun
Today we step out into the bright sunlight seeing clearly the opportunities ahead of us. It is a day for doing things, finding the next step on your life journey as truly you know where you want to go. Look to new avenues that are opening up to you, do not feel shy or uncertain as with the Sun shining on you every step can be seen clearly. This is a card of good fortune and opportunity. Your ideas can bear fruit as the sun nourishes your goals. Today is the perfect day to start that plan you have been considering as you will see that there will be offers of assistance and the clarity today to see what is attainable. Search yourself as you grow under the sun’s rays, see the possibilities that are open to you, it is not a day to hide in the shade, get out there and enjoy. Blessings Arriana

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