Arriana’s Daily Tarot ! Friday June 5th !

Welcome to A’s Daily Tarot ! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Ten of Coins Today reminds us to watch what is precious to us as coins do not always need be about money but it can be practical aspects in our life that are precious and as important or more then money ! Take time today to see what is worthwhile in your … Read More

Arriana’s Daily Tarot ! Wednesday May 27th !

Welcome to A’s Daily Tarot ! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Six of Wands Today we find that you will be able to overcome challenges that you are faced with as you will find that you can take care of past hurdles due to the Mercury Retrograde energy ! Take the time to plan ahead and make things happen in your life as … Read More

Arriana’s Daily Tarot ! Saturday February 14th !!

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Prydwen’s Anchor Tarot spread

This spread came to me through an acquaintance who follows a Norse pagan path, the anchor is a symbol of being able to hold ourselves down in a spot to sort out life around us and to take stock of what is going on within our specific time frame. The layout is a ten card spread and I will put in a … Read More